We are a community driven to empower digital artists through efficient, effective and flexible mentoring. The seed for MentorMe was sown when founder, Shannon Biondi, started her journey to become a self-taught illustrator. While learning through all the different, online channels available to her, she felt held back by the absence of a teacher or mentor who might guide her practice and critique her work. Digital learning platforms are excellent at providing content. But without individual feedback, students flounder and second-guess their path.

Growing frustrated at the negative effect this was having on both her learning outcomes and the speed of her progress, she saw an opportunity to bring students and teachers together. MentorMe, the digital art mentoring platform, was born. MentorMe’s goal is to allow artists of all levels and disciplines to access leading industry professionals for mentoring. MentorMe accelerates learning outcomes while being flexible and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

Bringing digital art mentoring to new heights: mentees improve as efficiently as possible. Mentors continue to spread their passion for art across the globe.

F.A.Q for Mentees

What is MentorMe?

MentorMe is an online, mentoring platform catering to the digital arts community. Artists of all levels can come to the website and find a mentor that fits their current skillset and goals. They can book a one-off session if they are looking for help with a specific project or tips related to a particular area, or they can book several sessions to get continued guidance over a period of time. The mentors on the platform are industry professionals and even advanced artists will find suitable mentors who are leaders in their selected field.

How do I find the best mentor?

We suggest that you read mentor profiles and browse their portfolios to see if their journey, skillset, and style match what you are looking to achieve in your own work. Mentors will indicate what areas they can help you with so make sure you select a mentor who has included what you are looking for in their areas of expertise.

How do I book a session?

To book a session, you will need to create an account (or log in if you already have one). You then select the mentor of your choice, click the ‘book session’ button towards the bottom of their profile, and follow the instructions to book a time slot and pay your mentor.

The mentor I want is unavailable?

All of our mentors are industry professionals and as such, the time they have available for mentoring may vary from month to month. You can sign up to receive an instant notification as soon as your chosen mentor adds new availabilities by clicking on the ‘notify me’ button, or you can choose one of the different mentors suggested as a good alternative at the bottom of the mentor’s page.

How will the session take place?

Once you have booked a session, you will get an email with your mentor’s Zoom meeting url. At the time of your session, simply click on the link and wait for your mentor to start the meeting. We suggest you log in 5 minutes before your session start time so there are no delays. You and your mentor will then have the option of sharing your screen, using video conferencing or simply using audio – this is entirely up to you and your mentor.

Do I need to prepare anything for my session?

Unless you have been specifically asked to send extra material by your mentor, the work you uploaded onto your profile should be enough to give your mentor an idea of your skill level. When uploading artwork, make sure to post current work and don’t feel under pressure to only post your best work – it is in seeing your mistakes that a mentor will best be able to assess and help you level up.

Additional F.A.Q. for mentees
My mentor didn’t turn up for my session – what do I do?

This is very unfortunate and certainly not a regular occurrence. Please click here and give us some details - who is your mentor and what date/time was your mentoring session scheduled for? We will contact your mentor to see what went wrong and will email you as soon as we hear back – normally every effort is made to reschedule missed sessions.

Why has a mentor declined to mentor me?

Mentors can decline a mentee for any number of reasons. Some mentors have very little time to dedicate to mentoring and are more selective of the mentees they accept – they may feel the little time they have can be used more effectively to help someone else at this point in time, or they may feel that their art style or technique does not match yours... Whatever the reason, don’t take this personally or as a comment on your art – simply look for another mentor. The perfect match is out there for you!

I can’t make my session – can I get a refund?

Our mentors give up hours of their busy schedule to be able to offer mentoring sessions – as such, there has to be some consideration for the time they have blocked out for your session. You can reschedule a session for up to 24hrs before it is scheduled. After that point, no refund will issue if you miss your session. You may contact your mentor directly and ask if they are willing to reschedule for you but there is no obligation on them to do so. Should your mentor not have another slot available for you to reschedule to, you will be issued with a credit for the sum of your mentoring session to spend on any other mentor on the website.

My mentor isn’t teaching me the way I want them to – what do I do?

A mentorship is like a partnership and one of the key elements involved is communication. Your mentor is there to help you move forward and evolve as an artist. If some of the homework or feedback you are getting is not working for you, make sure to talk to your mentor about the issues you are having and they will try their best to adapt their methods to suit your needs. If things are still not working, you can get a different mentor if you are booking single sessions or contact us here to transfer your plan to another mentor.

Do I need digital drawing tools to be mentored?

Some of the disciplines taught by our mentors, like digital painting or 3D modeling, do require you to have the means to create digital art – you may need a drawing tablet or specific software. Other areas, like anatomy or character design, are much less reliant on digital means of creation and can be done traditionally. Your mentor should include this information in their profile, but you can ask this question when you submit your application.

How do time-zone differences work?

The dates and times listed by mentors are automatically converted into the time-zone information you provided when you set up your profile. This means that all dates and times that you see will be in your time-zone. Make sure the time-zone information you enter during registration is accurate – if you feel it is not, you can edit it here.

I don’t speak English – can I still be mentored?

We have mentors from all across the world and you can select your preferred mentoring language in the search filters.

Can I get a free trial session?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free trial sessions but before committing to a session package, you can book an individual session to gauge whether your chosen mentor is a good fit for you.

Do I need high-speed internet?

Zoom works well even off a mobile network but to ensure that you have no connectivity issues, it is recommended that you connect using a high-speed connection.

Can I interact with my mentor outside session times?

During your first session, your mentor will tell you what their approach to this is. Some mentors are very busy and may not be able to commit any extra time outside of your session. Others may want you to send them your homework in advance of future sessions or may agree to answer urgent queries between sessions. This is discretionary and should be dealt with in your first session.

F.A.Q.for Mentors

What is MentorMe?

MentorMe is an online, mentoring platform catering to the digital arts community. Industry professionals and leading artists in every field from character design through to 3D modelling can supplement their income and optimise their free time by mentoring aspiring artists. The mentors have full control over their fee for each session and can choose to accept or refuse potential mentees based on an application they submit. Whether you are abroad with a few hours to kill in your hotel, or whether freelance has quietened down this month, make the most of the flexibility offered by MentorMe to make the most of your time – and monetise it. MentorMe allows you to earn extra income and give back to the arts community on a global scale.

Can I choose who I mentor?

Yes. A mentee interested in learning from you will fill out an application form. This form contains samples of their artwork as well as details on what they hope to achieve through mentoring. You are free to consider their application and either accept or decline it. Please note that there is a 72hr time limit within which you must issue a reply. We encourage you to give the mentee a constructive reason for the refusal so that they are encouraged to progress and look for another, more suited mentor.

How do sessions take place?

Once a mentee has booked a session with you, they will receive an email with the Zoom meeting ID that you inputted upon your registration. At the time of the session, simply log into Zoom and start the meeting. If you do not have a zoom account, you can create one here in under 5 minutes. We suggest you log in 5 minutes before your session start time so there are no delays. You and your mentee will then have the option of sharing your screen, using video conferencing or simply using audio – this is entirely up to you and your mentee.

Who sets the rates for a mentoring session?

You! As a mentor, you decide how much your time is worth. MentorMe does not deduct anything from your fee and you will receive it in its totality on a fixed date each month. Please be aware that a high fee may make your profile less appealing to mentees and affect traffic flow to your profile.

My mentee didn’t turn up for their session – what now?

We’re sorry to hear that. Please click here and tell us the name of your mentee as well as the scheduled date/time of the session. We will reach out to the mentee and let them know that they missed their session and have forfeited their payment. You will be paid as if the session was held and the mentee will be invited to contact you directly should they wish to ask you to reschedule it. You are under no obligation to accept and rescheduling is based on your discretion alone. We would suggest that a valid reason for missing the session (such as illness) may warrant rescheduling.

Do I need to prepare anything for my mentoring session?

Before your first session, we suggest that you read your mentee’s application form again and think of feedback and exercises that will help them to fix mistakes or improve their skills. You can then ask your student to send you homework in advance of your next session. This is at your discretion.

I can’t make the session I’m booked for – what do I do?

If you have to change the date/time at which your session will be held, it is up to you to contact your mentee and reschedule with them. Should you fail to be able to find a new date/time that works for them, a full refund will be issued to the student.

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